Monday, January 31, 2011

Ch 6 Blog

What are your questions for the second half of chapter 6?


  1. i was confused with how to put in x and y into the quadratic formula like we had to do on the 6.6 problem that we turned. i think it was part d, where it gave us 90, and we had to find how long the planet circle the orbit or something like this, using the quadratic formula

  2. I'm confused about.. well it's hard to put in words so i'll just put up the equation! :D

    (6.7 question)
    Equation: y=m^2-2m-7
    question: Find the values of m for which y=0.
    find the vertex of this parabola.

  3. paul, for the problem 9 that we turned in, you enter your data in your calculator under the list and spreadsheets. after you enter your data in the two columns, to find the quadratic formula you go to stats then to stat calculations and then click quadratic regression. the x is your independent variable and the y is the dependent variable. then create the quadratic formula. next go to data and stats to create the other graph, enter the quadratic equation. after that then you can use the shortcut ctrl + t which pops up the data table. when the data comes up, you can find the number and its corresponding answer.

  4. If an equation is neither real nor imaginary number, what can it be?


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